Orthodontics helps us have a prettier smile and improves bite problems and oral health in general, but it can be a bit annoying and cause some oral health problems if we do not take proper care of it. Therefore, both to prevent discomfort and make the treatment more pleasant, food is a pivotal aspect to consider when we wear appliances.

If the orthodontics that we wear is fixed (braces) the first days of adaptation to the appliance, it is advisable to follow a soft diet based on: liquids, yogurts, purees, and foods easy to chew and swallow such as boiled or French omelet. 

Once this period has passed, we must also pay special attention to the type of food that we are going to incorporate into our diet so that these do not interfere with the treatment in the sense that they cannot deform or detach the device. 

The small pieces are the basic norm, so much for meats, vegetables, or fruits. It is better to break them into tiny pieces so that teeth and teeth have to exert as little pressure as possible. It is better if we peel the fruit before so that the skin does not get caught in the devices, and another trick is to cut the vegetables perpendicular to their fibers, which facilitates chewing. It is also recommended that fibrous meats are prepared in the form of a meatball or hamburger because this gives a smoother texture, and also, the fibers will not remain between the brackets. 

Dental Treatment

And although to have a healthy diet you have to eat everything in a balanced way, there are certain foods that it is better to reduce their consumption during dental treatment. 

Among them are nuts or hard or whole foods since they require more effort to chew and move the handles. In addition, in crunchy foods, when chewing them, they break into multiple pieces that remain between the teeth and the appliances, making oral hygiene difficult.

It is also recommended to avoid acidic foods (citrus fruits, pineapple, tomato, vinegar) because they can erode the enamel. In addition, if you have thrush, it is recommended to avoid irritating or scorching foods and liquids.